This week at AAM

Jan 29, 2016

Okay, so she’s not officially represented by AAM but I have worked with her over the past few years and have become close to this most extraordinary human that is Gretel Scarlett. The only Australian woman to complete the PCT (Pacific Coast Trail), walking for 111 days from Canada to Mexico. And, she did it solo, just her tent, her vegan supplies and her bear spray. Her next challenge will be just as demanding and I wish her every success.
I am excited that 3 artists have scored contracts with Evita and I’ll announce the names as soon as I am permitted to do so.
Chelsea Hamre finished the year with yet another TVC under her belt and together with all the actors on the roster we look forward to Pilot season.
Bree Langridge takes a short break from her plot, dance captain and resident dance director between Wizard of Oz cities
Blake Erickson in High Fidelity was hilarious and nailed the Indian guru.
Peter Cousens is touring with his daughter Daisy to various regional centres for the Premier’s Christmas concerts and each venue is a sell out. His reenactment of Sir Robert Menzies speech, ‘The Forgotten People’ rivals anything he has done on stage in the past.
It’s with enormous pleasure that I welcome Jesse Layt, recent NIDA grad who has already landed himself 2 professional jobs and I thrilled to say that I will be working with the multi-talented and delightful gentleman, Darren Coggan (cos’ I do love a bit of country!)
Congratulations to Laura Tipoki as she ties the knot this month.