This week at AAM

Jan 29, 2016

Groundhog Day, with Rachel Cole and Grant Almirall was the surprise package for 2024 (thus far). The opening number of act 2 is arguably the best, certainly the most clever piece of musical theatre I think I have ever seen.  Congratulations to all those involved.
The industry is back to pre-covid health and it’s great to see with what the producers have planned for later this year and 2025, will offer vast opportunities.
Paul Tabone, with his variety of shows criss-crosses the country performing and he’s a regular to headline on luxury ships.
Both Bree Langridge and Patrice Tipoki have just completed the marathon season of Moulin Rouge and are taking a break before embarking on their next artistic adventure.  Oh, and Bree found the time to give birth to Maui, her 2nd son.
Radek Jonak recently wrapped after shooting the movie The Surfer, starring Nicholas Cage and went straight into shooting Black Snow 11 in Queensland.  He miraculously managed to be in Sydney for the birth of his and Chrystal’s second baby, Jack.
Paul Whiteley has the challenging task of producing show in Taiwan and James Lee is soon to star in Parade.

On another personal note, congratualtions to Tod Strike on his engagement to the divine Amy Berrisford.