This week at AAM

Jan 29, 2016

Without being flippant, our lives have changed forever.
I was lucky to be born at the perfect time in history. There were no wars, plagues, depression or even pandemics. Life was innocent. After school we played outside with the neighbourhood kids until the street lights came on. Our family gathered around the tv at night and we watch Lost In Space and Leave It To Beaver. I consider myself really lucky to have been a young(ish) adult when I bought my first mobile phone (that was the size of a briefcase) and I embraced the computer age and mobile phones as they (apparently) made our lives easier. I love both having no technology and then having every gadget imaginable. I was naive to think I would sail through life unscathed. Corona Virus has impacted my life but what saddens more than anything about the disease, excluding the loss of life, is how it has decimated the entertainment industry and the beautiful souls that make entertainment so enjoyable.
For each and every one of my clients and their industry colleagues that have hurt or are still hurting, I’m so terribly sorry.
It may be difficult to cut through the fog of the last year but I am certain entertainers and their instincts to provide joy, education, entertainment, blissful music etc will prevail and we will all be able to look back and use these times as a benchmark for how strong and resiliant we all were.
The musical theatre industry has its toe in the water and I’m thrilled to say the multi-talented GRETEL SCARLETT is performing in Pippin (thanks GFO) and this week BREE LANGRIDGE and COURTNEY BELL open in Shrek The Musical (again, thanks GFO). Paul Tabone is in the cusp of releasing his debut album while navigating the catastophe that is London.
There are many other individual achievements I will boast of as many performers re-invent their acts.
After having no website for months due to technical stuff, I’m keen to catch you up on the other goings on which I’ll do so in the next day or so.